Third-party modem support

Non-CenturyLink modems have not been tested with the CenturyLink network. CenturyLink highly recommends using one of our certified modems, which have been tested and approved to work optimally with our high-speed internet technology.

Risks of using third-party equipment
  • CenturyLink cannot guarantee that customer-provided equipment will work with the CenturyLink network.
  • Customers will receive only limited technical support from CenturyLink on any issues related to the modem.
  • CenturyLink technicians are unable to install non-CenturyLink equipment.
  • Customer-provided equipment is not covered under CenturyLink’s equipment replacement program.
  • Note that cable modems are not compatible with CenturyLink internet service.

If you understand and accept these risks and would like to use a third-party modem, you will need to get support from the modem's manufacturer. Though there are some similarities across brands, it's best to get instructions specific to your particular model's features and settings. Go to the manufacturer website (popular examples could include Netgear, Motorola, D-Link, etc.) and search for the specific model name/number to find support manuals, help articles and customer service contact information. 

You can also follow these general setup tips:

  • Connect your modem to a power outlet and a phone jack
  • Contact tech support to determine:
    • Is my modem "talking" to the CenturyLink network?
    • What ISP protocol does my area use?
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