CenturyLink compatible modems

You may have a modem that you used at a previous location or with a different provider, and wonder if you can use it for your CenturyLink internet service. This page covers which modems are recommended for best performance with CenturyLink service and which modems are CenturyLink certified, plus answers to some common questions about modem compatibility.

Understanding modem compatibility

Every modem is built to work with a specific type of internet technology and in a particular speed range. CenturyLink uses different core technologies (fiber and different types of DSL) depending on your location and the speed you selected.

Why does this matter? Even if you have a CenturyLink modem, it will only work if it is compatible with the specific technology and speed of your service.

 Recommended CenturyLink modems

CenturyLink's all-in-one modem/router, referred to as a gateway, allows you to connect your WiFi-enabled devices to the internet without additional equipment. The latest, premium WiFi gateways that we offer are the models pictured here.

When ordering internet service, the right gateway will automatically be selected for you based on the internet technology and speed available at your address. 

Certified modems tested for CenturyLink compatibility

"Certified" means our modems have been tested on the CenturyLink network to make sure they perform as expected and work with our internet technology. The drop-down below includes all the CenturyLink-certified modems that are currently in use. 

Select a brand and model to see modem compatibility details. 

Don't see your modem listed?

If your modem is not on the CenturyLink certified or recommended modem list, it’s either a retired CenturyLink device or what’s called a third-party modem (from another provider).

CenturyLink highly recommends using one of our certified or recommended WiFi modems (gateways), which have been tested and approved to work optimally with our high-speed internet technology. Retired and third-party devices are more likely to cause performance issues and may not connect to your internet service correctly. 

If you're ready for an upgrade, contact us to purchase or lease a new modem. 

Frequently asked questions about CenturyLink modems

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