Find your Prism TV channel lineup

It's easy to find your Prism® TV channel lineup.  

Select "Channel Lineup" from the tabs in the middle of the screen, and then pick where you live from the dropdown menu.

How to find what you want

After you land on the Channel Lineup page, there are a few ways for you to find what you want. Are you looking for a particular channel? Trying to confirm what's included in your Prism package? Something else?

Top 5 ways to search:

  1. Prism package. If you're only interested in seeing the channels for the Prism package you've purchased, click the little X in the columns of the other packages, and those columns will go away.

  2. Specific channel. Search for a specific channel by entering the channel's name in the search box.

  3. Channel name. Channels are displayed alphabetically by default (A-Z). If you want to reverse the order (Z-A), click the Channel Name header.

  4. Channel number. To organize the channels by number, click the # header. 

  5. Channel category. To see a specific programming category, click "Filter by Channel Category" and then choose a category from the options below -- local, sports, news, family, etc.
Note: If you're a parent trying to manage what your child watches on TV, read how to hide or lock channels using your remote control.
Prism® TV Channel Lineup
Find out what's playing when in your area.