Viewing recorded programs with your
Prism® TV DVR

Accessing Your Recordings

You can watch up to 6 different recorded shows on different connected set-top boxes in your home, including your DVR, and control them independently.

Here's how to view your recordings:

  1. To access your recordings, press RECORDED TV on your remote to see the Recorded TV screen for a list of recordings sorted by date with the most recent recordings listed first. (Or select RECORDED TV from the main menu, and then select VIEW RECORDINGS and press OK to see the list.)

  2. You can view/sort the list BY TITLE using the right arrow key. Use the UP and DOWN ARROWS to scroll through the list and select the program you'd like to watch.

  3. Press OK to make your selection and launch the Program Info Screen.

  4. Select PLAY to watch the program. (Or select RESUME PLAY or START OVER if you have already viewed part of the program.)

Accessing Series Recordings

Series recordings will display as a single line item and provide the number of recorded episodes available. To view the available episodes of a series recording, select the series name and press OK. Scroll down to select the episode you wish to watch and press OK. Select PLAY to watch the program.

Stopping, Resuming, and Starting Over

You can press STOP at any time while viewing a recorded program.

At the Stopped Menu you can use the ARROWS to highlight Watch Live TV or Recorded TV, and press OK to make your selection.

You can also choose RESUME PLAY to continue watching the program where you left off.

Choose START OVER to watch the program again from the beginning or ERASE to stop watching and delete the program permanently.

When a recording is finished playing, a Finished menu appears. Use the ARROWS to select WATCH LIVE TV, then press OK to return to live TV. (Other options are START OVER,ERASE, or the RECORDED TV Menu.)

Viewing Scheduled Recordings

To view a scheduled recording, select SCHEDULED RECORDINGS from the Recorded TV Main Menu or use the Arrow keys to navigate to SCHEDULED from the View Recordings menu. You will see a list arranged by date. Press the RIGHT ARROW to highlight SERIES to see a list of Scheduled Series recordings. Select the series and press the OK key to bring up the series info page.

TIP: When watching Live or Recorded TV, select the up arrow twice to see your LAST 5 Recorded programs.

For more information on using your Prism Whole Home DVR, watch the Help On Demand videos on recording and scheduling programs.

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