Prism® TV Remote Control Overview

Let's introduce you to a few of the basic features and commands you'll find on your Prism remote control.


The POWER button turns modes and corresponding devices on and off. Mode keys that control devices are across the top row of the remote control. Press the corresponding mode key to operate a device. Press the STB mode key to control the set-top box.


The MENU key activates the main menu or deactivates it when pressed a second time. Arrow keys are used to navigate menus and lists.


The GUIDE key launches the Prism Program Guide, which lists scheduled programming up to 14 days in advance. Press it a second time to activate the .Channel Line-up Guide. which provides a vertical view focusing on programming from a single channel. Press it a third time to activate the "On Now" guide which focuses on what's on now and allows scrolling to future programming. Press guide a fourth time to return to live TV or select .Exit to TV. at anytime. You can customize your guides to access only 1 guide or prioritize using the following steps:

  1. Press either the menu or left arrow button on the remote control 
  2. Arrow down to Settings and press OK
  3. Arrow right to Primary Guide Style and press OK
  4. Arrow down to Guide Rotation and press OK
  5. Arrow right to select which guides to remove from the guide rotation 
  6. Use the cursor to select the check box(es) to remove from the rotation and press OK for each selection
  7. Once your selections are complete, arrow left and arrow up to select Save and press OK
  8. Press the Exit to TV button and then press the Guide button to validate that your changes were saved 


The INFO key activates the program info screen for the program you're watching or have selected in the program guide.


The OK key is used to select highlighted items. Arrow keys navigate menus and screens.


Press the BACK key to return to the previous screen you were viewing or press EXIT TO TV to return to watching live TV full screen.


The RECORDED TV key launches a list of programs recorded on your DVR. You can view recorded programs by date, title or series. You can also add recordings and view programs scheduled to be recorded.


Use the ON DEMAND key to access Prism® TV On Demand shows, events, Help videos and more.


The RECORD key records live TV with one click. You can also use it to set up a recording from the program guide.


The PAUSE key pauses live TV or a recorded program. Pressing PAUSE a second time resumes the program. A program can remain in PAUSE for up to 90 minutes. After 90 minutes, the program will automatically resume from the point at which it was paused.


The STOP key stops playback when you're watching recorded or On Demand programs. STOP also stops a recording in progress when you're viewing that program.


The PLAY key resumes normal playback from PAUSE, FAST FORWARD or REWIND.


FAST FORWARD advances quickly through a program, and REWIND moves backward. Pressing FAST FORWARD or REWIND twice or three times will increase the speed of the function. A progress bar at the bottom of the screen indicates forward and rewind limits.FAST FORWARD and REWIND keys can also be used to skip ahead or back by 24-hour intervals in the program guide.


The FORWARD (FWD) key advances a recorded program by 30-second intervals.


REPLAY replays the last seven seconds of a recorded program.


Use the CHANNELS/PAGE key to change channels or to move through the program guide a page at a time. To go directly to a specific channel, enter a channel number on the keypad and press OK or ENTER. You can also press the ENTER key to add the channel you are currently watching to your Favorites list.


Press the LAST button to access the Last 5 or Recently Watched channels. To customize this feature to only tune into the previous channel, follow these steps:

  1. Press either the menu or left arrow button on the remote control
  2. Arrow down to Settings and press OK
  3. Arrow right to Recent Channel Settings and press OK
  4. Arrow right and arrow down to select Do not map the Last button to recent channel list and press OK
  5. Arrow left and arrow up to select Save and press OK
  6. Press the Exit to TV button and then press the Last button to validate that your changes were saved


The VOLUME key controls the volume of the set-top box. It also controls the volume of other programmed devices when their modes are selected. If your set-top box isn't responding when you use your remote control, press the STB button in the upper left corner of your remote to ensure you're in the correct mode.


Pressing the MUTE key turns off the sound; press it again to restore the sound.

1, 2, 3, etc.

In addition to entering channels by number, the number keys are also used to enter PIN numbers and other numbers on selected screens.


The DELETE key clears entries in text fields such as SEARCH.


The SETUP key is used to program your remote to control other devices like your TV or DVD player.


Pressing the ZOOM key changes screen dimensions for viewing a variety of formats including standard, letter-boxed and high def programming. Options include Normal, Stretch, Zoom 1, Zoom 2 and Zoom 3.


Press the GO INTERACTIVE key to launch an interactive dashboard with on-screen TV apps including: Picasa, Yahoo Fantasy Sports, and the Weather Channel.Refer to your Remote Control User Guide for additional information including setup instructions.


The Enter button is located to the right of the number zero on the remote control. The options panel will appear after pressing Enter while in the Guide. You can also access this screen from Live or Recorded TV by selecting the Right arrow.


While in Live TV, press the Up Arrow to bring up the 'Recently Watched' bar or Last 5 channels watched. It will display at the top of the screen. Press it twice to see the last 5 DVR recordings.


While in Live TV, press the Right Arrow to bring up the Viewing Option bar from the right of the screen. This includes: Favorites (list, add, settings), Audio, Subtitles, closed captioning, and TV Zoom.


While in Live TV, press the Left Arrow to bring up the Menu bar from the left of the screen. This includes: Search, Browse Live TV, Recorded TV, On Demand, and Settings.


While in Live TV, press the Down Arrow to bring up the Flip bar from the bottom of the screen. This displays what you are currently watching, but you can also scroll to other channels (see in a preview window) or to the future (see what's on next).

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