What to expect on your closing bill

If you've recently cancelled your service, you will soon receive a closing bill. Closing bills—sometimes called "closing statements" or "final bills"—capture any outstanding charges that still need to be paid, and you might get several of these bills before your account is truly closed.

What to expect next

You'll receive a bill immediately after cancelling your service. How many additional bills you receive depends on whether there are outstanding charges that still need to be paid.

  1. Closing bill – This bill captures everything we know you owe when you tell us to disconnect your service. It's based on the date you disconnected and is sent to you immediately.
  2. Revised closing bill – This bill includes any lingering charges we didn't know about when you told us to cancel your service. For instance, if you have combined billing, it might include charges from DIRECTV or Verizon. If you were leasing equipment from us — and took a while to return it — there could be corresponding charges on your bill. It could also include outstanding long distance charges.

    This bill is issued on your next regular billing date — regardless of when you disconnected.

    For example, if your regular billing date is May 7th and we receive DIRECTV charges on May 10th, we will include those charges on the following month's bill. In this case, you'd see those charges on your June 7th bill.

  3. Second revised closing bill — If you turn in your leased equipment and all outstanding charges are settled, then you're not likely to see this one, but sometimes things get delayed, and if they do, you may see another bill.
Even if you're signed up for paperless billing, you'll still likely get a paper copy of your closing bill(s) in the mail. If you need to change the mailing address you have on file with us, sign in to My CenturyLink or chat online.

How to speed things up

Due to the timing of charges and the need for things to process through multiple systems, it can take 1 to 2 billing cycles for your account to be fully closed.

To speed up the process, pay any outstanding charges as soon as you are billed and return all your leased equipment (e.g., modems, routers) as soon as possible. If we receive your equipment quickly, it lessens the chance that additional bills will be generated. (Plus, you don't have to worry about incurring new charges for unreturned equipment.)

Note: If you subscribed to satellite television, cell phone service or long distance service through us, it may take longer for your account to close simply because we have to wait for those companies to bill us before we can bill you. We apologize for any inconvenience.

If you haven't cancelled yet

We are sorry to lose you as a CenturyLink customer, but maybe we don't have to. Do any of these scenarios pertain to your situation?

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