What to expect on your closing CenturyLink bill

Your final bill — sometimes called a "closing statement" or "closing bill" — captures any outstanding charges that still need to be paid. You might get more than one of these bills before your account is completely closed.

How many final bills are there?

  1. Final bill – After you cancel your CenturyLink service, you will be sent an initial final bill on your next normal billing date. This bill captures everything we know you owe for your final month of service. Most CenturyLink services are billed for a month at a time, and charges will not be prorated if you canceled prior to the last day of your billing cycle. 

  2. Revised final bill – This bill includes any charges we didn't know about when we sent the first final bill. For instance, if you have combined billing, it might include charges from DIRECTV. If you were leasing equipment from us and did not return it within 30 days, you could see charges for unreturned equipment. It could also include outstanding long distance charges.

    This bill is issued on your next regular billing date — regardless of when you disconnected.

  3. Second revised final bill — If you have paid all outstanding charges, then you're not likely to see this bill.  But sometimes things get delayed, and if they do, you may see this third final bill.

Even if you're signed up for paperless billing, you'll still likely get a paper copy of your closing bill(s) in the mail. If you need to change your mailing address, sign in to My CenturyLink or chat with us.

How to speed things up

Due to the timing of charges, it can take 1 to 2 billing cycles for your account to be fully closed.


To speed up the process, pay any outstanding charges as soon as you are billed and return all your leased equipment as soon as possible. If we receive your equipment quickly, it lessens the chance that additional bills will be generated. Plus, you don't have to worry about new charges for unreturned equipment.

What about credits and deposits?

If all payments on final bills are made by the due date, then any credits or deposits that are owed to to you by CenturyLink will be sent by check.  You can expect to receive a check in the mail 30-45 days after your closed account has held a zero balance. We'll mail the check to the mailing address on your account. Learn how to update your mailing address.


If the payments on your final bill are not paid by the due date, then any deposit owed to you will be applied to the outstanding balance on the account.

If you haven't canceled yet

We would hate to lose you as a CenturyLink customer, and maybe we don't have to. Do any of these scenarios pertain to your situation?

We appreciate your business and hope you see you back with CenturyLink soon!

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