How to configure an IPoE connection on your modem

Caution!  An IPoE configuration will typically only be used by some Static IP customers. We recommend that you do not change this setting unless advised to do so by a technician. 

5. Select WAN Settings in the left sidebar menu.

CBRAS Step 5

6. Select Auto Select from the drop-down for the ISP Protocol, then Apply.

CBRAS Step 6

7. Select LAN Subnets in the next section of the side menu.

CBRAS Step 7

8. Enter the name for the LAN subnet you want to create.  Note: The LAN subnet name cannot contain spaces.

CBRAS Step 8

9. Select the interface(s) you want to associate with the subnet you are adding. Most users will want to select Ethernet 1, Ethernet 2, Ethernet 3 and Ethernet 4.

CBRAS Step 9

10. Select Enable next to both "IPv4 Addressing State" and "Modem IPv4 Admin Access."

CBRAS Step 10

11. Enter the Network Address, Subnet Mask and Gateway Address that were provided to you when you leased your IP address.

Zyxel users: If you have a Zyxel modem, it may incorrectly fill in the gateway address. Click in the Gateway Address field, and enter the address provided when you leased your Static IP address. If you need help locating this information, contact us.

CBRAS Step 11

12. Select Apply to save your changes.

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