How to configure Network Address Translation (NAT) on your modem

Network Address Translation (NAT) is an advanced networking setting that most people do not use. We advise you not to disable NAT unless instructed to do so by a qualified technician, as it could open your broadband modem to outside intrusion and create a security risk.

5. Select NAT in the left sidebar.

NAT Step 5

6. Follow the steps to edit the NAT settings.

  • Step 1:  Enable/Disable NAT (we suggest keeping enabled unless advised to do so by a qualified tech)

  • Step 2:  Click "Apply" to save your changes.

NOTE: CenturyLink recommends that you keep NAT enabled. Changes to this feature will reset some of the other settings on the modem. Do not proceed without understanding the technical impacts of using this feature.

NAT Step 6

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