Configure a CBRAS connection on your modem

Before changing these settings chat with tech support to make sure this setup will work in your area.
Do not change the settings below unless instructed by a certified CenturyLink technician.

Modem Advanced Step 1-3
  1. Connect a device directly to your modem.
  1. Open a web browser and go to
  1. Login to your modem by entering the Admin Username and Admin Password, then select "Apply." If your modem is using the default settings, this information is located on the modem sticker.
Learn more about password security best practices.
  1. Select "Advanced Setup."
  1. Select "WAN Settings".
  1. Select "Auto Select" for the ISP Protocol. Select "Apply".
  1. Select "LAN Subnets".
  1. Enter the name for the "LAN subnet" you want to create.  Note: The LAN subnet name cannot contain spaces.
  1. Select the interface(s) you want to associate with the subnet you are adding. Most users will want to select Ethernet 1, Ethernet 2, Ethernet 3, Ethernet 4.
  1. Select "Enable" next to:
      IPv4 Addressing State
      Modem IPv4 Admin Access
  1. Enter the "Network Address", "Subnet Mask" and "Gateway Address" that was provided to you when you leased your IP address.
ZyXEL USERS: If you have a ZyXEL modem, it may incorrectly pre-populate the gateway address. Click in the Gateway Address field, and enter the Gateway address provided when you leased your Static IP address(es). If you need help locating this information chat with tech support.
  1. Select "Apply" to save your changes.
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