Do I need a WiFi extender?

A wireless extender is a pair of devices that give you better wireless coverage throughout your home. At CenturyLink, the specific product name is the WiFi/Ethernet Extender kit.

The “” stands for “Gigabit home network,” the name of this specialized technology. It uses your existing electrical circuits to carry the internet connection to another area within your house before turning it into a wireless signal.

WiFi extenders are available to all CenturyLink home and small business customers. Sometimes a field technician may recommend this solution when doing a home service visit to test for bad WiFi coverage or slow WiFi speeds. But if you’re interested in exploring this option, you can run a speed test yourself to see if your wired internet connection is running faster than your wireless signal. Then contact us if you think this may be a good solution for you, and we’ll talk you through the steps.

4 reasons you may want a wireless extender

Take this short quiz to help you decide if a wireless extender is a good choice.

1.  WiFi dead spots in your home

Are there dead spots in your house where your WiFi doesn’t reach? For example, maybe your WiFi signal is excellent in the room where your router is, but in your home office upstairs it’s much weaker, or in your TV room on the other side of the house it’s too slow to stream video without lags?

2.  WiFi access outside your home

Do you want WiFi access, or better signal strength, outside your house, such as in your back yard or on your deck?

3.  Poor WiFi coverage in a large house

Do you have a very large house, either with a sprawling single level, or with multiple floors?

4.  WiFi slower than wired connection

Is your wired internet speed pretty fast when you test it, but your WiFi connection is slower? 

If you answered “Yes” to one or more of these questions, you could benefit from using a wireless extender to get better coverage throughout your home and even outside.

Advantages of the WiFi Extender

Wired vs. wireless extenders 

You can find several types of “wireless extender” devices on the market. Most of them have a similar purpose — to extend your wireless coverage over a larger space. But it’s important to understand the difference between devices that use a wired connection and those that use pure wireless.

Some devices rely only on wireless to carry the signal from point to point. This can lower your bandwidth and lead to a slower connection, even if it does extend that connection to a larger area.

Here’s an example: Let’s say you’re getting 600 Mbps through your high-speed internet connection. You want to stretch your wireless access, so you install a device that uses pure wireless to extend the signal to every corner of your house. It works… but the actual speed you get on your devices is cut in half, to about 300 Mbps.

The WiFi Extender, on the other hand, is an example of a wired device. It uses the electrical system in your home or building to carry your internet connection signal from your modem to a wireless adapter, which you put in another room. Only at that point does it convert the signal into a wireless one. So the distance you’re transmitting the WiFi to reach your devices is shorter. As a result, your connection speeds will be faster in those remote areas of your home.

This difference is the key to why wired extenders like the offer a more reliable solution.

Benefits of the WiFi/Ethernet Extender 

Here’s a summary of the advantages of the Extender:

  • Better coverage for larger homes where WiFi currently does not reach the entire building
  • Better video streaming or gaming over WiFi
  • The convenience of being able to move the extender from room to room to support WiFi needs
  • You also gain an additional Ethernet connection at the location of the Access Point (so you can connect devices directly to the internet line without being right next to the modem)
  • Better WiFi signal in areas that suffer from structural interference

The CenturyLink WiFi/Ethernet Extender is a great solution for anyone who does a lot of video streaming or gaming in bedrooms or areas farther away from the modem. It can also solve issues with low coverage areas within your home or property.

How can I get a wireless extender? 

Call CenturyLink and tell the agent you are interested in a G.Hn WiFi Extender. The representative will walk you through the ordering process and make sure you get set up with all the equipment you need. Once you receive your Starter Kit, you can self-install your extender devices and set them up yourself, but you can always get support through chat or by phone if you need it.

Call 800-201-4099 to order.

Call 800-244-1111 to order.

Call 800-244-1111 to order.

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Important note on the Greenwave C4000

The C4000 is not recommended for use with the G.Hn WiFi/Ethernet Extender Kit and requires manual pairing, which should be attempted by advanced users only. If you use a WiFi extender or plan to get one, we suggest using one of our recommended modems to get full compatibility and smooth pairing/cloning.

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