Secure WiFi frequently asked questions

Important Note: Secure WiFi is available on compatible modems leased from CenturyLink. Learn more here.

What is Secure WiFi?
How does Secure WiFi work?
What does Secure WiFi protect against?
How do I know if I have Secure WiFi?
What devices does Secure WiFi protect?
How does Secure WiFi know which sites are risky?
How does Secure WiFi protect me from viruses?
Is Secure WiFi the same as anti-virus software?
Does Secure WiFi require additional anti-virus software to work?
What if I use my own modem or other 3rd party networking equipment?
Are my devices protected when I take them out of my home?
Do I need any separate equipment for Secure WiFi?
How often will I have to update Secure WiFi?
What if I have guests — are their devices protected too?
How do I know that Secure WiFi is protecting my home network?
Why am I seeing a message warning me a site I am trying to visit is malicious?
What do I do when I get a warning?
How do I confirm Secure WiFi is active on the modem?
What if I no longer want this type of protection?
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