Wireless internet access

Wireless internet service from CenturyLink combines our robust fiber network with wireless technology to deliver internet services to rural and underserved locations where other service providers cannot. The wireless network broadcasts a radio signal from equipment located atop a wireless tower to a receiver unit positioned on your home providing a minimum speed of 10 megabits per second (Mbps).


Proper installation requires one of our certified technicians to install the service and mount a small wireless antenna to your home.

STEP 1:  A CenturyLink certified technician will survey your home to find the best location for the wireless antenna to be positioned to ensure the strongest connection possible.

STEP 2:  The wireless antenna is then mounted on your roof and precisely calibrated for optimal performance.

STEP 3:  During the last step of the installation process the technician will connect the wireless antenna to your in-home modem for Wi-Fi enablement. You will be connected to the Internet with a world of possibilities at your fingertips. 

Locate modem settings

Locate the SSID and Key/Passphrase on the bottom of the modem. If the key/passphrase is not working, you can look up the settings manually.

Configure your device

Setup varies by device, but most devices have a Settings > Wireless option where you can enter information. 

  • The SSID on the modem is the same as the Network Name on your device
  • The Key/Passphrase on the modem is the same as the password on your device

Additional support and resources

Sometimes you  may want additional guidance from the manufacturer. Here are some common device manufacturer support sites:

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