How to set up your WiFi Extender kit

Decided to boost your WiFi with a WiFi Extender from CenturyLink? Great! Let’s get the process started. 

First, just give us a call and a Customer Care Representative will walk you through the ordering process. The current price is $99 per kit plus applicable taxes and $4.95 shipping.

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Call 800-201-4099 to get started.

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Call 800-244-1111 to get started.

Note: G.Hn stands for “Gigabit home network” and refers to the specialized technology used in this type of electrical-based WiFi extender.

What comes in the WiFi Extender Starter Kit? 

When you order a CenturyLink WiFi Extender, you’ll receive the Starter Kit. Here’s what’s included in the box:

  • 1 Network Adapter (Bridge), model CTLPB – WF-802G
  • 1 Wireless/Ethernet Extender (Access Point), model CTLAP – WF-802GW
  • 1 Ethernet Cord (yellow)

Device #1: Network Adapter (Bridge)

image of CenturyLink WiFi Extender bridge


Model CTLPB/WF-802G

Key to indicator lights on the Adapter (WF-802G)

Green: Connected
Amber: Not connected LED (house icon) Green: Connected at 65 Mbps or higher *
Amber: Connected at below 65 Mbps
Ethernet LED Green: Ethernet (cable) is connected to the internet


* The LED color indicates the connection speed between the bridge and extender, not the internet speed.

Device #2: Wireless/Ethernet Extender (Access Point)

photo of CenturyLink WiFi Extender access point


Model CTLAP/WF-802GW

Key to status indicator lights on the Extender (WF-802GW)

Green: Connected at 65 Mbps or higher
Amber: Connected at below 65 Mbps
Amber (blinking): Pairing
Ethernet LED Green: Connected 
WiFi LED Green: Connected

Note:  The LED color indicates the connection speed between the bridge and extender, not the internet speed.

Step-by-step WiFi Extender installation

The WiFi Extender is a self-installed device. You can get CenturyLink support over chat or by phone if you need it. 

illustration showing WiFi Extender in a home

IMPORTANT: Preview Steps 1-3 before you begin. Once you complete Step 1, you will have two minutes to complete Steps 2 and 3 for the pairing process to work correctly. 

Step 1


Near your high-speed internet modem, find an electrical power outlet that is not controlled by a wall switch. Plug the Network Adapter (model WF-802G) into that outlet.

Step 2


Plug one end of the yellow Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port on the bottom of the device you just plugged in (WF-802G). Plug the other end of the yellow Ethernet cable into any one of the Ethernet ports on your high-speed internet modem.

illustration showing installation of the WiFi Extender bridge

Step 3


Find a nearby electrical power outlet, also not controlled by a wall switch. Plug the second device, the Wireless Extender (model WF-802GW) into that outlet.


TIP:  We recommended that, whether you do manual or auto-pairing, you keep the two devices in the same room during the “pairing” process. This makes it easy to see the LED lights on both devices at the same time, so that you know the status (see the light indicator table). Once the two devices are successfully paired, you’ll be able to move the extender (access point) to the whatever area of your house needs the added WiFi coverage. 

Step 4


The two devices will begin auto-pairing. Look at the LED next to the house icon.  It should be blinking green on both devices once powered up. During auto-pairing, the light should blink slowly in amber. Do not unplug either device during this process.


Once the two units are paired, if you have one of our newer modems and it’s connected both to the internet and to the bridge via Ethernet cable, then the access point will automatically clone, or create a copy of, your WiFi network. This means that you can connect to your extender using your same WiFi network name (SSID) and password (security key). Easy!


The initial pairing and cloning process will take about 4 minutes. Once it’s complete, the home light will turn solid green on both devices.


If for any reason auto-pairing is unsuccessful, the home light will turn off. If this happens, you’ll need to reset the devices before trying pairing again.


PAIRING INDICATOR LED COLOR LED (house icon) Green: Devices are paired
Amber (blinking):  In active pairing mode
Off:  Not paired


Once the two devices are paired, they will stay linked even if power is lost, which gives you one less thing to worry about if there’s an outage, or if one of the devices accidentally gets unplugged.

Note: If you are using a third-party modem, you will need to manually pair the two devices. Read the instructions below for manual pairing.

Step 5


Now unplug the second device (WF-802GW) and move it to a room where you would like extended Wi‑Fi coverage. Plug it into an electrical power outlet that is not controlled by a wall switch. You are ready to enjoy extended Wi‑Fi coverage!

Access point G.Hn WiFi Extender setup

Tips for successful WiFi Extender installation 

  • Extenders must be installed on the same power grid (electrical panel) — see the diagram for an illustration. If you’re unsure whether you have the same circuit or not, you may need to test it using your home’s main electrical box. Plug two lamps or similar into the two outlets you want to use. Then flip one circuit at a time in the circuit box, and see if the two items turn off and on at the same time. If they do, then you know they’re on the same circuit.

    If the power is split between two power meters or two panels (as in the second image below), the two extender devices will not pair correctly.
Outlets on circuit - G.Hn WiFi Extender setup
  • For best results, always plug both extender devices directly into electrical wall outlets.
    • Do NOT use power strips or extension cords. This will not allow the extenders to work properly.
    • Do NOT use 3-prong to 2-prong plug adapters. This will also impair performance of the extenders.       

Manual-Pairing / Reset

If auto-pairing does not work, you can reset the devices and try to prompt pairing manually in a single step. 


Step 1:  Make sure both units are plugged in and fully powered on (the G.Hn light is solid green).


Step 2: Push the WPS button on each device, hold it for 10 seconds, then release. You can do this at the same time with two hands, or do one after the other. It doesn’t matter which unit is triggered first.


Step 3:  This will trigger the pairing process on both units. The light on both units should begin to blink amber, about one blink per second.


  • If the auto-pairing process works, the light will turn solid green.
  • If the auto-pairing process doesn’t work, the light will turn off.


If the process fails, restart the process to attempt paring again. If, after a couple of tries, you still aren’t able to get the units to pair successfully, contact us and we’ll help you figure out what’s going wrong.


Cloning is where the extender makes an exact copy of your existing wireless network. This means the name of the network (SSID) and security key (password) stay the same, so your devices can connect to the new extender signal using the same WiFi login info.


The access point unit will automatically copy the wireless information from your modem once pairing has taken place (provided the modem is online). The cloning process takes about 2 minutes. This applies only if you have a newer modem (see below).

Which modems are compatible? 

Any CenturyLink modem will work with the WiFi Extender. See the full list of modems on our FAQs page. Only the most recent modems, however, will perform the cloning function (with the exception of the Greenwave C4000):


  • Actiontec C3000A 
  • Actiontec C2000A 
  • Actiontec C1900A
  • Actiontec C1000A 
  • Technicolor C1100T 
  • Technicolor C2000T
  • Technicolor C2100T 
  • Zyxel C3000Z
  • Zyxel C2100Z
  • Zyxel C1100Z
  • Zyxel C1000Z


If you don’t have one of the modems listed above, you may want to consider upgrading to give you the easiest and most seamless pairing and use with your WiFi Extender devices.

Important note on the Greenwave C4000


The Greenwave C4000 is not recommended for use with the WiFi/Ethernet Extender Kit and requires manual pairing, which should be attempted by advanced users only. 


If you have a C4000 modem, we recommend you order one of the compatible WiFi extenders available on our Accessories Marketplace.

Advanced WiFi Extender options

You can manage device settings using your personal Actiontec control panel, which you can access on any device with an internet browser.

To access your G.Hn user interface ("Extender GUI"), type this address into a browser tab: 192.168.0.X

G.Hn WiFi Extender setup screenshot user login

Next, enter the username "admin" and the unique password shown on your device sticker as shown in the sample image.

G.Hn WiFi extender sticker

Once you're logged in, the main screen will give you five options.

G.Hn WiFi Extender setup screenshot user interface menu
  1. Connection Status
G.Hn WiFi Extender setup screenshot connection status
  1.  Quick Setup
    • Set up device role
    • Domain name
    • Domain password
G.Hn WiFi Extender setup screenshot quick setup
  1. Wireless Setup
    • Select 2.4 or 5 GHz
    • Change the network name (optional)
    • Change the security type (WPA/WPA2)
    • Enable or disable guest network
G.Hn WiFi Extender setup screenshot wireless settings
  1. Utilities 
    • Reboot
    • Restore defaults
    • Upgrade firmware
    • Back up configuration
    • System log
    • Time zone
    • IP tools: ping test, traceroot, speed test
    • Wireless tools: client list, AP scans, client analysis
G.Hn WiFi Extender setup screenshot utilities menu
  1.  Advanced Setup
    • Network settings: WAN settings (IPv4 dynamic or static)
    • Security: Admin password, Ethernet powersave
G.Hn WiFi Extender setup screenshot WAN settings

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