How to find your account balance

There are a few ways to quickly find your current balance and/or billing date.

Find it on your paper bill

You can find your current balance and due date at the top of the first page of your paper bill.

  • Total Current Charges (or New Charges): what you owe this month
  • Amount Due (or Total Amount Due): what you owe, including any previous balances
  • Amount Due By (or Payment Due By): the due date for this month's current charges
IMPORTANT - The due date on the current bill doesn't apply to the past due amount. If you have a past due amount and haven't already paid it, then you should, as soon as possible. Don't wait until the due date of the current bill to pay the past due amount. Why? Charges that remain unpaid can result in late fees and/or suspension of service, and late fees may be charged each month for any eligible unpaid balances not paid in full by your next bill date.
If you sent a payment but we didn't receive it by the due date, you will see the previous balance on your current bill. In this case, you only need to pay the new charges.

If you'd like to know more about where information is located on your bill, watch our short "Understanding Your Bill" video or tour your bill at your own pace.

Visit My CenturyLink

If finding a paper copy of your bill is more trouble than you want, sign into My CenturyLink. My CenturyLink is your online account management tool. With it, you can look up your current balance, find out when your bill is due, pay your bill online and make changes to your account.

When you log into My CenturyLink, you see how much you owe and when your payment is due.

The information that appears in the Billing and Payments panel of your My CenturyLink home page is personalized to reflect information about your account.

Billed Amount -- what you owe this month

Current Amount Due -- what you owe, including any previous balances

Payment Due By -- the due date for this month's current charges

The Billed Amount is exactly how much you owe for the current billing cycle. The Current Amount Due is kind of a running total of debits and credits to your account through today's date. It may be higher (or lower) than the Billed Amount.

Chat with us

If you just want to chat with someone for a few minutes about your bill, that option is available too. We can help you with your account questions--including balances and due dates.

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Tour of your CenturyLink Bill
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