Set up your modem admin password

The administrator password prevents outsiders from accessing the settings on your modem. After creating a username and password, you will need to enter them every time you access the modem's online user interface located at

Note:  If you are unable to access the modem controls using the admin username/password, you can reset your modem to factory defaults. After resetting, you can log in using the username (SSID) and passphrase (security key) printed on the sticker on your modem.
Modem Advanced Step 1-4

1.  Connect a device, such as a computer or tablet, to the internet through WiFi or using an Ethernet cable connected to your modem.

2.  Open a web browser and type into the web address field.

3.  Log in to the modem's online user interface (Modem GUI) using your Administrator Username and Administrator Password. Unless you have changed the default settings, you can find this information on the modem's sticker. Note that these are different from your wireless SSID and security key.

4.  Select "Advanced Setup."

5.  Select "Administrator Password" under the Security section in the left sidebar. 

6.  Follow the steps to edit the Administrator Password:

  • Step 1:  Enable the username and password.
  • Step 2:  Enter your chosen admin username and password. Type the password in again to confirm.
  • Step 3:  Click "Apply" to save your changes.
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