How to find the best WiFi channel on your modem

In the Wireless Status section of your modem's user settings, you can find the best WiFi channel. If your modem isn't set to the best channel already, read on for how to change it to optimize WiFi performance. 

Your modem will find and select the best channel automatically whenever it boots up. To refresh the channel, you can reboot your modem instead of finding and setting the best channel manually. You can follow the instructions below if the auto-select feature isn't working, or if you want to manually change the channel.

Note:  Your modem settings may appear slightly different from the images below, but the steps will be the same.

5.  Select Wireless Status in the menu on the left sidebar.

view wireless status step 5

6.  Select 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz to view settings for each of your modem's wireless frequency bands (some modems may only have 2.4 GHz). If your modem is dual-band, you can repeat these steps for each frequency.

view wireless status step 6

7.  On the next screen, you can view the current channel and compare it to the best available channel. If you are not on the best channel, you can change the WiFi channel in the Wireless Settings menu. 

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