Network upgrades - Vectoring
Check modem firmware

To access the most up-to-date firmware version:

  1. Log in to your modem's user interface at 
  2. Select Utilities on the main screen, then select Upgrade Firmware in the left sidebar
  3. The tool will show you if a newer version is available, and allow you to download and install from there if needed

For more advanced users, you can check the table below and download the current firmware for your modem, then install it through the user interface.* 

Modem Firmware Version (click to download)
Actiontec Q1000
Actiontec C1000A
Actiontec C1900A
Actiontec C2000A CAH006-31.30L.95
Actiontec C2000A-D
Vectoring only works for single lines. Not bonded.  CAH006-31.30L.95
Actiontec C3000A CAD002-31.165L.4
Greenwave C4000XG CGX002-
Technicolor C1100T
Technicolor C2000T
Technicolor C2100T
Zyxel C1000Z
This model requires a 2-step upgrade package. Please log in to your modem's user interface and update firware through the Utilities menu.
Zyxel C2100Z
Zyxel Q1000Z
Zyxel C1100Z
Zyxel C3000Z CZD005-

* Table updated 11/17/2020

What if my modem is bridged?

In rare situations, some customers have bridged their modems. If you can't access your modem by entering into your browser: 

1. Press the reset button on the back of your modem using a paper clip (or other small object) until the power light turns red. 

2. Wait for the internet light on the front of the modem to turn green (5-7 minutes). Now open up a browser and finish setup following the default configuration. 

3. Check your modem's Utilities menu for the latest firmware version. You will be able to upgrade from there if needed. 

4. If you want to bridge your modem after the firmware upgrade:

  • Go to the modems and routers homepage.
  • Select the make/model of your modem to go to the page specific to that modem.
  • Find the "Advanced Options" section, then click the link to WAN Settings.

What if I don't see my modem listed?

If you are a CenturyLink internet subscriber and your modem isn't listed above, contact us to upgrade to a newer model.

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