Secure WiFi

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is Secure WiFi?

Q: What does Secure WiFi protect against?
Q: How Do I Know If I Have Secure WiFi?

Q: What devices does Secure WiFi protect?

Q: How does Secure WiFi work?

Q: How does Secure WiFi know which sites are risky?

Q: How does Secure WiFi protect me from viruses?

Q: Is Secure WiFi anti-virus software?

Q: Does Secure WiFi require additional anti-virus software to work?

Q: What if I use my own gateway or other 3rd party networking equipment?
Q: What about when I take my devices out of my home? Are they vulnerable?

Q: Will I need a separate box or hardware for Secure WiFi?

Q: How often will I have to update Secure WiFi?

Q: What if I have guests over? What about their devices?

Q: How will I know that Secure WiFi is protecting my home network?

Q: What do I do when I encounter a warning page?

Q: What if I no longer want Secure WiFi Protection?

Q: What if I still have questions or I no longer want this type of protection?
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