What to expect when your promotion or discount expires

Who doesn't love a promotional discount? They're a great way to try a new service for a low rate. They can make purchasing multiple services at the same time more affordable. And, when they lock in a rate for days, weeks, months or even years—they make budgeting easier.

Promotions come in all shapes and sizes, and they're called many things including: discounts, promotional pricing, bundles, price reductions, savings programs, etc. And, they're typically based on when you purchased services, what you purchased and whether you're a new or existing customer. 

Of course, these good things eventually come to an end, and when your promotion expires, you pay the full price for the formerly-discounted service.

Short-term discounts

Most promotional discounts last for a specific period of time (6 months, 12 months) and expire on a specific date. 

If you're currently receiving a discount like this and want to find it on your bill, look for the name of the promotion. For example:

  • Pure Broadband Promotion
  • Internet and Home Phone 5-year Price-Lock
  • High-Speed Internet 12 Month Promotion
  • High-Speed Internet CenturyLink @Ease™ Promotion

Ongoing discounts

Some discounts go on and on. They continue to appear on your bill until you do something to change your account, your life circumstances change making you ineligible to receive them and/or you reach the maximum amount of the benefit.

Examples of this type of discount include: bundle discounts, price locks and assistance programs.

Bundle Discounts

We offer bundle discounts to make it more affordable for customers to purchase multiple services at once. If you're receiving a bundle discount, you'll continue to receive your discount as long as you don't change your bundled services and/or sign up for a different promotion. To find your bundle discount on your bill, go to either the Package Summary or Your Savings This Month sections of your bill. Look for "promotional discount" and/or "bundled savings." 

Price for Life

The Price for Life discount does not expire. The price is locked in and does not change unless you change your services, including change of address, and/or sign up for a different promotion. Price for Life appears on your bill as a promotional discount for CenturyLink Connect.

Assistance Programs

Federal assistance programs help income-eligible households save on their monthly service bills. Through the Lifeline program, qualified CenturyLink customers can receive bill credits/adjustments on their telephone and/or Internet service.

Telephone Assistance program (TAP)—If you qualify for this program, you receive monthly bill credits to offset the cost of your basic telephone service. These credits do not expire as long as you continue to be eligible to receive them. On your bill, assistance program credits are listed as Adjustment Lifeline or Credit for Telephone Assistance Plan.  

New discounts

Once a promotional discount expires, it can no longer be applied to your account. However, new promotions are often available. Start a free account review to learn if you qualify for new Internet, television, phone, wireless or bundles promotions. 

Expiring discounts

Calculating the non-discounted price

Standard rates for your services are always listed on your bill. Discounts or credits are then applied to the standard rate to arrive at the promotional rate. 

To calculate what the standard rate is likely to be once your promotion expires:

  1. Find the discount or credit amount on your bill.
  2. Add the discount or credit amount to the subtotal for that product/service.
Note: Depending on the taxation rules for that product/service, the increase in the subtotal may cause the amount of the taxes to increase.

Discount that's expired too soon

If a promotional discount has expired sooner than you expected, it's possible that something about your account has also changed. Removing, adding or even modifying a service can impact existing discounts on your account.

If you think the promotion you were promised has expired too soon or you disagree with a charge on your bill, we want to hear from you. We're happy to discuss your request to adjust, credit or remove charges from your bill, or to simply explain a charge you don't understand.

When you contact us, the more information you can provide the better. For instance: 

  • When did you start receiving the promotion?
  • When do you think the promotion should end?
  • How much was the discount?
  • What product(s) were included in the promotion?
  • Was the promo a single or multiple month offer?

If you don't know the answers to these questions, it's ok. Contact us anyway, and we'll figure it out. Chat with us online or call 1-800-201-4099. We're here to help!

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