What to expect when your promotion or discount expires

Discounts can be called many things, including: discounts, promotional pricing, bundles, price reductions, savings programs, etc. They are typically based on when you purchased services and what services you purchased.

Where do I find promotions or discounts on my bill?

Many promotions are for a defined period of time (like a 6-month or 12-month promotion), and if you have a promotion like this you will find a message on your bill letting you know how far along you are in the promotional time period.  Your bill will say something like, "expires 10/02/2023" or "month 31 of 36."


Discounts are different than promotions, and generally do not have an end date. These discounts will remain on your bill until you change your services in such a way that the discount is no longer applicable.


You will find most promotions and discounts on your bill in the Details section.  Depending on what products you have, this billing section can be called Details of Your CenturyLink Packaged Services, Details of Your Internet and Home Phone Charges, or Details of Your Internet Charges. Sometimes, the discount or promotion will show up in the Additional Charges and Credits section of your bill.


How will you find these promotions or discounts?  They are generally shown as a dollar amount with a minus sign in front of them. For example, "-$10,00" or "-20.00".

What will my bill amount be after a promotion or discount expires?

Standard rates for your services are always listed on your bill. Discounts or credits are then applied to the standard rate to arrive at the promotional rate. 


To calculate what the standard rate is likely to be once your promotion expires:

  1. Find the discount or credit amount on your bill.
  2. Add the discount or credit amount to the subtotal for that product/service.


Generally, your bill amount will increase by the amount of the discount. 


Note: Depending on the taxation rules for that product/service, the increase in the subtotal may also cause the amount of the taxes to increase.

To learn about new promotions available in your area, shop for services.

Assistance programs

Federal assistance programs are available to help income-eligible households save on their monthly service bills. The Lifeline program or the Affordable Connectivity Program can allow qualified customers to receive bill credits/adjustments for telephone and/or internet service.


Telephone Assistance Program (TAP) If you qualify for this program, you receive monthly bill credits to offset the cost of your basic telephone service. These credits do not expire as long as you continue to be eligible to receive them. On your bill, TAP credits are listed as "Adjustment Lifeline" or "Credit for Telephone Assistance Plan".  

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