How to have someone else pay your bill

There are a few ways for someone other than the account holder to pay a CenturyLink bill:

  1. Quick Bill Pay
  2. Automated phone system
  3. In-person payments

Payments through Quick Bill Pay and our automated phone system do not require a sign-in. That makes them the ideal choice if someone else needs to pay your bill.

If someone else is paying your bill, they could also do it in person or by mail.

What information will they need?

No matter which payment is chosen, the person paying your account will need this information:

  1. Your account number, which you can find in the upper-right-hand corner of your bill or by signing in to My CenturyLink.

  2. The amount to be paid.

It's important to give the payer all the information they will need to complete the payment on your behalf. CenturyLink will not be able to provide information such as your account number and the amount due, unless we are communicating with an authorized person on your account.

Add an authorized person to your account

If you want someone to make payments for you or access your account information on an ongoing basis, you can designate them as an authorized person on your account. You can revoke the designation at any time.

Make one-time payments. No sign-in required.

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