Purchasing a leased CenturyLink modem

Are you leasing your CenturyLink modem and are interested in purchasing it? Read our FAQs below to learn more.

You can switch from a leased modem plan to a purchased modem by chatting with our customer care team. However, when you make this change, it is considered a modem replacement and you will receive a new modem. You'll complete the steps to set up your new modem and return the old one to us. 

Secure WiFi is included on certain leased modem models, including C1100s, C3000s, and C4000s. If you purchase one of these modems, Secure WiFi will no longer be available.

If you're currently leasing a modem, you get ongoing technical support instead of a warranty. When you purchase a modem, you will switch to a 12-month repair warranty. This will cover needed repair or replacement in the case of a faulty modem for one full calendar year from the date of purchase.

With a leased modem, repair or replacement is included in the cost of the lease. This coverage provides peace of mind for as long as you keep and use the modem. If your equipment malfunctions or becomes outdated, you'll get a new one without paying extra. You also get features that are only included with newer leased modems, such as Secure WiFi.

With a purchased modem, you get a 12-month warranty. This covers repairs or replacement in the case of a faulty modem for one full calendar year from the date of purchase. After the warranty expires, you'll be responsible for repair costs or upgrades going forward. A new modem costs anywhere from $150 up to $200, depending on the model.

Modem cost options

 Lease  $15/month  C4000 includes Secure WiFi *
 Purchase  $150 - $200  Includes 12-month warranty for repair or replacement  

Rates subject to change. Taxes may apply.
* With some exceptions.

The bottom line? A leased modem plan costs more over a longer period of time — at least on the surface. However, many customers find it’s worth that monthly cost to ensure they never have to pay out-of-pocket for a replacement or unexpected repair of their modem. If you purchase a modem, plan on replacing it every 4 to 5 years to ensure you get the best performance from your internet connection as technology evolves over time. 

Chat with customer service to start the process. An agent will help you select and order the right modem for your service. Once the new modem arrives and you get it set up, you will then need to return your existing leased modem to CenturyLink.

Visit the Modems/Routers main page for more information about CenturyLink modems.

Modem Recycling

Send in your old CenturyLink modem and we'll recycle it at no cost!

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