Retired CenturyLink modems

Several models of modems and routers from previous years have been retired from the CenturyLink network. A retired device may work intermittently, but over time will be more likely to cause potential service issues. A retired modem should be replaced as soon as you are able.

If you...  
got your current modem from CenturyLink, chat with tech support for a replacement modem
got your modem from another source,
contact customer service to order a new modem

View our list of newer modems or more details about modem compatibility.

List of retired modems

  • 2Wire (all models)
  • Accton DSL 1000
  • Actiontec 1520/1524
  • Actiontec GT701 series
  • Actiontec M1000
  • Alcatel 330
  • Arescom 800
  • Comtrend CT-5361T
  • Cisco 678 (DMT only)
  • Efficient Speedstream (all models)
  • Intel 2200/3200
  • Lucent DSL Pipe
  • Motorola 3347
  • Netopia (all models)
  • Starbridge Lynx
  • Speedtouch/Thompson (all models) 
  • Westell (all models except 7500)
  • Visionnet (all models)
  • ZyXEL 600 series

Don't see your modem listed?

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