Retired CenturyLink modems

As modems get older, internet providers have to phase them out of use. A retired device may connect to the internet, but may not deliver optimized internet service and will be more likely to cause connection issues. We provide information on all our modems to help you continue to use and troubleshoot your device. However, a retired modem should be replaced as soon as you are able.


If you are ready to upgrade your modem, contact customer service to order a new modem. Your representative can help you select the best one for your plan.

Internet-only customers, you may be able to order a new modem online.

Here's how to check: Sign in to My CenturyLink and find "My Internet" under the Home tab or the Services tab. Then look for an "Upgrade Modem" link to go to online ordering. If you don't see the link, you can't order online at this time, but you may still be eligible for an upgrade. Call or chat and an agent will help walk you through the process.

Supported modems to be retired soon

You can still get support from CenturyLink if you own one of these modems, but we no longer send them to customers, and they'll be retired in the near future. Time for an upgrade!


  • Actiontec C1000A
  • Actiontec C1900A 
  • Actiontec C2000A
  • Actiontec C2300A
  • Actiontec C3000A
  • Actiontec PK5000
  • Actiontec PK5001A 
  • Actiontec Q1000 
  • Adtran C424G
  • Calix C844G
  • Cisco DDR-2200
  • Technicolor C1100T
  • Technicolor C2000T
  • Technicolor C2100T
  • Westell 7500
  • Zyxel C1000Z
  • Zyxel C1100Z
  • Zyxel C2100Z
  • Zyxel FR1000Z 
  • Zyxel Q1000Z 
  • Zyxel PK5000Z
  • Zyxel PK5001Z 


List updated 10/2022

Retired modems

These older CenturyLink modem models are retired, which means you can't get technical support from CenturyLink if you have an issue. 


  • Actiontec M1000
  • Actiontec Q2000 
  • D-Link AC1200 
  • Westell (all models except 7500)
  • Zyxel NBG-419N
  • Zyxel P870HN 
  • Zyxel Q100 

List updated 10/2022

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