How to back up your modem settings

The "Configuration Save" option in your modem's Utilities menu allows you to save and later restore your custom modem settings. Here's how to save your settings to a file on your computer.

Note:  Your modem settings may appear slightly different from the images below, but the steps will be the same.

5.  Select Configuration Save in the left sidebar.

Back up modem settings step 5

6.  Select Download and save the file to your computer. You should see a prompt to allow you to name the file and save it to a folder of your choosing. The default location will be your computer's 'Downloads' folder. You will use this file to restore your settings when you're ready.

Back up modem settings step 6

7.  You can now reset your modem to its original settings, if needed. After performing the reset, you will be able to restore your settings using the file you saved in the above steps.

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