How to set up your CenturyLink voice mail

It's one of our most popular calling features. Our customers love the convenience of not having to answer the phone and being able to listen to their messages from anywhere, day or night.

Whether you're a voice mail newbie, or a seasoned veteran, you may be wondering what buttons to press to get everything working.

Usually, customers want to immediately know how to:

  • Set up their voice mail
  • Retrieve their messages
  • Save, delete and rewind messages
  • Forward messages to other boxes

You can find instructions on these topics -- as well as a few time-saving shortcuts -- in our online voice mail user guide.

Common troubleshooting questions

If you've already set up your service, maybe you're having trouble with it. Do you need help resetting your password? Are you specifically needing to know how to check your voice mail when you're not home? Or, are people telling you they can't leave you voice mail messages?

Tip: If you have voice mail and hear mmm-mmm-mmm-mmmmm when you pick up your receiver, there's nothing wrong with your phone. It just means that you have unheard messages waiting for you. 

3 Tips for Great Greetings

When you set up your voice mail system, you'll be asked to create a password (PIN), record a mailbox name and record a personal greeting. 

It might take you a few minutes to figure out the perfect thing to say in your greeting so... take a few minutes, read through these tips and gather your thoughts... When you're ready, sign in and begin recording.

People sometimes get nervous recording their greeting. Write down a few notes, and practice what you're going to say before you record it.

Before you start recording, turn off anything in the background that might cause noise. This will ensure your voice is clear and easy to understand.  

While clever greetings can be fun, they might not be appropriate for all situations. For instance, potential employers, repeat callers or loved ones with serious news may not appreciate the creativity.

Did you know? You can erase -- and re-record -- your greeting many times. If you don't like it the first time, you can try, try, try again.

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