Taxes, fees, and surcharges

Listed under each service on your bill, you'll see taxes, fees and surcharges collected by CenturyLink. Some of these appear under the heading "Taxes, Fees and Surcharges," while others may appear under "Recurring Charges" or "Related Monthly Charges."

Taxes and surcharges

Taxes are imposed by federal, state, local, and municipal governments, and vary based on where you live and the services you receive. Certain surcharges, such as mandated 911 surcharges, also fall under this category. We're required to bill you directly for those charges on behalf of the relevant authority.

Similarly, assessments are billed on behalf of the government and collected through customer fees. The Federal Universal Service Fund surcharge is an example of one of those fees, with the amount calculated as a percentage of the bill.

Want to see taxes, fees and surcharges for CenturyLink products specific to your location? 

These charges vary by city and state, and with thousands of possible combinations, it's not possible to list them out here. However, for internet services you can visit our online ordering tool and see the associated taxes, fees and surcharges for your location. Don't worry — you don't have to finish the order. Just build a quote to get the most accurate preview of the associated charges.  Phone services are not available for online ordering at this time, so you will need to contact us for a complete quote. 


Fees collected by CenturyLink are spent on a number of critical needs, such as building and maintaining the CenturyLink broadband network, as well as expanding network capacity. Fees such as the Access Recovery Charge are authorized by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), while other fees may be used by CenturyLink to defray the cost of providing a particular service. You can get detailed information on each fee or surcharge by finding it in the menu to the right or searching for it in our Support Center by name.

Check your bill for details

Taxes, fees, and surcharges are listed under each of your CenturyLink services in the "Details" section of your bill. If you have multiple products or services, you will see taxes, fees and surcharges listed in a separate section for each one. Federal, state and local laws dictate which products and services are assessed certain charges, so you may see a surcharge with the same name appear on your bill more than one time if it is required on different services.

Can the amounts change each month?

Many taxes, fees, and surcharges are a predictable, flat monthly rate. You may notice, however, that others can vary month to month. There are a few reasons that this happens:

  • Rates can increase or decrease based on federal, state and local government assessments.
  • If the pre-tax amount of a service varies monthly based on usage (for example, long distance charges), then some taxes, fees, and surcharges that are a percentage of the base amount will vary as well.
  • If you've recently moved to a different taxing jurisdiction, then your taxes may change, based on the rates for your new address.

Looking for more information?

For details about a particular tax, fee, or surcharge, simply search for it using the name of the charge as it is listed on your bill, or find it in the menu on the right side of this page.

If you don't yet have a bill from CenturyLink and want to determine what the taxes, fees and surcharges will be for products at your specific location, build yourself a quote through CenturyLink's online ordering tool.  This is the most accurate way to gauge the taxes, fees and surcharges for your address,

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