Presubscribed Inter-Exchange Carrier Charge (PICC)

Assessed per access line for connecting your telephone line to your long-distance carrier.

What is this charge?

This is a per-line charge for connecting your telephone access line to the preferred or presubscribed long distance carrier. If you have a long distance carrier, the charge is assessed by that carrier. If you use a "10-10-XXX" carrier but are not pre-subscribed to that carrier, the carrier cannot charge you the PICC. However, if you don't have a long distance carrier assigned to your local telephone account, the local carrier can charge the PICC.

Who authorized this charge?

The United States Congress, via the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), authorized telephone companies to assess this charge effective January 1, 1998.

Where do the funds from this charge go?

The revenues from this charge go to the company collecting it to assist in providing long distance service to its customers.

The charge can have various labels for the different long-distance companies.

It may also be known as:

  • National Access Fee (MCI)
  • Carrier Line Charge (AT&T)
  • Pre-subscribed Line Charge (Sprint)

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