Telecommunications Relay Surcharge

This surcharge helps fund communication solutions for hearing- and speech-impaired individuals.

This includes:

  • Telecommunications devices and relay services for hearing- and speech-impaired individuals

  • The telecommunications relay center, which helps hearing- and speech-impaired individuals communicate

  • Federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements


The surcharge does not apply with Remote Call Forwarding service.

A relay service makes sure messages are relayed between a hearing-impaired customer with a Telecommunication Device for the Deaf (TDD) and someone who does not have a TDD. As a side note, the Telecommunications Relay Service is required by Title IV of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and to the extent possible, must be "functionally equivalent" to standard telephone services.

Looking for exact amounts for taxes and fees?

We wish we could simply provide a list! However, there are thousands of possible combinations based on your location and services. For this reason, specific taxes and fees can only be found on your individual bill.  Learn how to view your bill in My CenturyLink. 

Who put it on the bill?

This surcharge is collected by CenturyLink and paid to the appropriate state authority. The state authorities use the funds collected to provide telecommunications services for those with special needs.

Other ways it may appear on the bill

In some states, this surcharge may appear on the bill combined with other similar surcharges, including:

  • Relay/TAP Surcharge
  • Relay/911/Tele Assist Fee
  • Telecom Relay Service Excise Tax
  • Res Service Protection Fund
  • TASA Telecom Relay Surcharge
  • TDD Surcharge

Also known as:

  • Telecommunications Access System Act (TASA)
  • Hearing and Speech Surcharge

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