Local Sales Tax

A Local Sales Tax is imposed by your local government. The services that the tax is applied to depend on where you live.

Looking for exact amounts for taxes and fees?

We wish we could simply provide a list! However, there are thousands of possible combinations based on your location and services. For this reason, specific taxes and fees can only be found on your individual bill.  Learn how to view your bill in My CenturyLink. 

Who put it on your bill?

The tax is imposed by local jurisdictions, including cities, counties, special purpose districts and transit authorities. CenturyLink is required to collect this tax on behalf of the applicable entities.

Who gets the money?

Revenues collected via local sales taxes are allocated by the local authority. Recipients may include:

  • State General Revenue Fund
  • Parks & Wildlife
  • Highway Department
  • Parks and Recreation Department

Also known as:

  • Local County and City Tax
  • Local Communication Services Tax
  • Local Interstate Telecom Tax

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