Telephone Assistance Program (TAP) Surcharge

This surcharge is used to support the Telephone Assistance Program (TAP), which reduces the monthly cost of a residential phone line for income-eligible customers who need such assistance. TAP also includes Link-Up (credit towards the connection cost), which reduces the cost of installing a customer's main phone line by 50 percent and provides a deferred payment schedule for additional installation charges.


This is a flat rate per access line. All telecommunications carriers that provide interstate telecommunications services contribute on an equitable and non-discriminatory basis to this fund.

Looking for exact amounts for taxes and fees?

We wish we could simply provide a list! However, there are thousands of possible combinations based on your location and services. For this reason, specific taxes and fees can only be found on your individual bill.  Learn how to view your bill in My CenturyLink. 

Other ways it may appear on the bill

In some states, this surcharge may appear on the bill combined with other similar types of surcharges, including:

  • Relay/TAP Surcharge

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