What to do if your payment is declined

If your payment is declined, it's important to fix the problem so you aren't charged additional fees and your service isn't disconnected.

First and foremost, get in contact with us so we know you are re-submitting your payment.

Next, there are several ways to pay your bill quickly:

Did you know? If you are reading this article because your bank contacted you about a returned check, you probably have received that information before we have. When we know that a customer's payment has been declined, we try to call him/her, and then we may also send a letter.

So, if the bank is contacting you before we do, chat with us and let us know about the returned check so we can make a note on your account and help you with payment arrangements.

Reasons your payment may have been declined

The top three reasons payments don't go through are:

  1. Insufficient funds in the account
  2. Closed, canceled or expired accounts
  3. Invalid account numbers

To troubleshoot specifically why your payment might have been declined, consider these questions.

How you're paying  What might be the problem: 
Credit of debit card 
  • Is the card number listed correctly?
  • Have you reached your credit limit?
  • Has your card number changed?
  • Has your card expired?
  • Have you canceled the card? 

  • Is your bank number listed correctly?
  • Do you have enough money in the account?
  • Have you recently changed your name?
  • Did the account close before the payment was processed? 

  • Is your bank information complete?
  • Do you have enough money in the account?
  • Has your credit/debit card recently expired?
  • Is your billing address and phone number correct?
  • Have you recently changed banks/cards and need to update your account numbers?


What to expect next

Because there are expenses associated with re-processing payments, we charge a fee when a payment is declined. The fee varies based on where you live and ranges from $10 to $25 per incident.

In this situation, by the time we sort out all the details, there's a good chance that your payment will also be late. In that case, you may be charged a late fee. Fees range from a flat $5 to a percentage of the amount due. You can estimate your late fee prior to receiving your next bill.

If your bill is past due, you run the risk of having your service disconnected. To avoid any interruption in service, contact us so we can help you get your account straightened out and make any necessary payment arrangements.

If you don't want to worry about remembering to pay your bill each month, consider AutoPay. It's easy and convenient.

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