Self-install your C4000 modem and connect your internet service

This page is for CenturyLink modems that look like this:

Greenwave C4000 (XG and LG models)

Not the right kind of modem? Try the tower modem setup page instead.

Have you ordered new internet service or a new Greenwave C4000 modem from CenturyLink, and are setting up the service yourself? There are some things you need to know before completing the self-install process. For the best results, read the full instructions below before you begin.

First, your modem will arrive in the mail on or before the date your service is scheduled to start. Look for an email with your order confirmation details and an order status tracking link. Your line should be activated no later than 5 p.m. on your start date. You may receive a notification earlier in the day to let you know that your service has been activated, and then you can start your installation. If in doubt, you may want to wait until 5 p.m. to hook up your modem.

1. Get ready for installation
2. Plug everything in
3. Check for connectivity
4. Complete setup online
5. Check the main status light
If you have questions we haven't answered, or if you need any additional support with setting up your modem, chat with us. We're here to help!
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