My Account is now My CenturyLink

Here's a guide to help customers accustomed to My Account get the most out of the new My CenturyLink!

In February of 2018, CenturyLink My Account was renamed and now provides an even better account management experience to our customers. We organized the information to make relevant information and tools more readily accessible, added helpful alerts, and applied a fresh, new look. But any change can be initially disorienting, so here is a quick overview and reference for where things are.

Where to find what

If you're in a hurry and just want to check something, or make a change, and you don't want to explore all the improvements we've made right now, we can help. Here's a quick directory of things you can do and where to find them.

Things to do
Where to look
Pay your bill My Home or My Bill
View your bill details My Bill
Check your payment history
My Bill
Check your calls and their charges (when you have phone service) My Bill
Enroll or change AutoPay
My Bill or My Settings
Turn paperless billing on or off
My Bill or My Settings
Update or remove saved payment methods in your "wallet" My Bill
See what services you currently have, or qualify for
My Products
Get support for using or troubleshooting your services My Products
Change your My CenturyLink username or reset your password My Settings
Change the email address associated with your My CenturyLink profile My Settings
Customize your security settings so we can assist you better My Settings
Update the first or last name associated with your My CenturyLink profile
My Settings
Customize what kinds of email and text notifications you wish you receive from us about orders, repair, or your bill, for this account
My Settings
Manage the email address you want those account-specific notifications to go to
My Settings
Manage the mobile phone you want those account-specific notifications texted to My Settings
Customize the mailing address you want bills and notices mailed to   My Settings
Create nicknames to help you keep track of your accounts (ie "Home," "Dad's") My Settings
Search our extensive knowledgebase of support information about your products, services and account, along with many repair and diagnostic tools My Support

Throughout My CenturyLink, we added links and overviews of relevant information wherever it would be useful to you. So while customizing your mailing address, for example, is a tool you can use within My Settings, you'll also find it if you go to My Bill. My CenturyLink is designed to make managing your account easy for you.

What's new and notable

Got time to explore? Here are some highlights.

After you sign in to My CenturyLink, you'll see your account number displayed at the top of every page, as well as links to help you navigate the different sections.

Go ahead and click on this image for a closer look!
TIP—Some of our customers have more than one account with us. You can change what account you're managing by selecting it from this drop down menu. Or, you can add an account to your profile by choosing the "Add an Account" option.

See the orange ribbon on the left? It reads "My Home" because you're on the My CenturyLink home page. It's like a dashboard, providing basic summaries of what's most important—your bill, your services, and news. As you navigate each section inside My CenturyLink, that ribbon will say where you are, to help you orient.

In the green ribbon, you'll see a small home icon. Any time you wish to return to My Home, just click it.


Underneath your greeting, you may see an alert. To find out what the message is, just open the panel by clicking the "See Details" button on the right. 

This may not appear on your page. Don't worry. It will appear only if there's a good reason, such as if we're having trouble contacting you.


Each section of the site is organized into tiles—orange or green boxes—containing tools and information. These tiles, and the information contained, are highly personalized and specific to you, so it's not possible to really cover the contents in too much depth, but one thing to note is the little button that often appears on the bottom.

A tile in My CenturyLink. This one has a button on the lower right.

Clicking on that button will present even more related tools and options. In this case, its in the internet tile on My Products, and contains links to various features of my internet service.

Additional resources and tools related to the internet tile.

As time goes on, we will continue to expand what you can do online at My CenturyLink, adding new features and additional resources so you can manage your CenturyLink account when it's convenient for you.

Thank you for choosing CenturyLink. We hope you enjoy your new, enhanced My CenturyLink experience.

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